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The Amazing Lessons we can learn From this Corona Virus Pandemic.

Mother nature has literally forced us into a collective GROUNDING so that we are able to clearly see what is broken & where we must change. Here is a list of many of the incredible lessons this pandemic has to show us. Are you ready to hear them?This is all a part of the cycle of life. A cycle which begins with birth, strengthens towards it's peak and then unfolds towards death. We are in a period of dismantling & death. Low vibrational ways that no longer serve us are being challenged and discarded, which only means that new beginnings are just around the corner.This virus signifies the beginning of a large dismantling and collective awakening. Now is the time...

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Embodying the Goddess Archetypes

Goddess energy is all encompassing, complete and powerful. Comprised of several different archetypes that have been embodied throughout history as a manifestation of powerful women. Understanding the different archetypal energies that create the collective goddess helps women to better understand themselves. All of these archetypes are within you and available for you to tap into. You may find that at this time in your life you resonate very strongly with one or two different archetypes, however this changes as you upgrade into new areas of your life.To understand the goddess, we must FEEL and experience her. Words can only explain each archetype so much. Instead, ask your body to bring forth the energy of the archetype you are trying to work...

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