The Amazing Lessons we can learn From this Corona Virus Pandemic.

Mother nature has literally forced us into a collective GROUNDING so that we are able to clearly see what is broken & where we must change. Here is a list of many of the incredible lessons this pandemic has to show us. Are you ready to hear them?

This is all a part of the cycle of life. A cycle which begins with birth, strengthens towards it's peak and then unfolds towards death. We are in a period of dismantling & death. Low vibrational ways that no longer serve us are being challenged and discarded, which only means that new beginnings are just around the corner.

This virus signifies the beginning of a large dismantling and collective awakening. Now is the time for change. Massive shifts are happening on the physical and energetic planes so to stay in flow we all must change too. And how exciting?! We’re being pushed to leave behind everything that breeds fear & feeds the collective low vibrational energy and instead embrace a  higher vibration including what brings you joy, passion, excitement & LOVE. Follow the call of your intuition or your higher guidance for it is lighting the path for your next steps. We are collectively evolving, the old fear based way of living is being left behind and instead love, joy & a higher vibration are moving us into higher realms of living.

Look inwards: Take this moment to breathe, and take stock of what is truly important in your life. What parts of you need healing in order to raise your vibration and in turn heal the collective? Where are you feeling helpless, despair, anger or anxiety. Look to the root of these emotions and discard what is no longer working for you.

Check in: Ask your intuition or your guides for the next steps forward. Who do you want to be in this life, and what do you want to be doing? You have all the guidance within you, all you have to do is TRUST yourself.

Remember, this new vibration is all about joy, love and compassion. So anything that feels hard, creates fear or feels restrictive doesn't belong. Allow light to shine in every corner of your life and you will always be looked after.

Fear is restrictive and love is expansive. It's truly as simple as that. When we fight, hoard supplies and argue about who is right and who is wrong, someone is always left without. When we fear we don’t have enough, that is what we manifest. However, when we embrace kindness and compassion for everyone's individual situation, we all come together & we are able to heal collectively.

Check in with yourself right now to see which one you're currently feeding?

When it comes to your immunity, positivity & love are essential. Fear weakens the immune system whilst positivity boosts immunity. So spreading fear literally spreads illness. Focus on positive affirmations daily to radiate health and vitality.

We are all connected. As with this virus (or any virus) which mutates from one cell to another and requires other cells in order stay alive, we too are birthed from a single origin and rely on one another to survive. The more we reconnect with each other & realise we’re all on the same side, the quicker we will be able to heal the collective consciousness and transcend the current age of fear. When we heal our relationship with others, we heal ourselves too.

This global pandemic, particularly the financial repercussions, are teaching us where we are living WAY above our means. We must ask ourselves, where we can cut back and consume less. Doing so will not only benefit the planet, but will clear the physical and mental clutter and provide more space for us to go inwards to discover where true contentment lies.

Money is just energy. When we hold onto it, we create restriction, lack & fear. When we let it flow it will return to us. Money, like love, is not something to hold onto. Instead, it is an investment or a vote for what believe in. Support local heart centred businesses, spend on things that are truly meaningful and support your spiritual and physical health; such as experiences, high quality food, vitamins & healing appointments. live  within your means.

This pause on life has drastically reduced air pollution, particularly in China (the biggest global contributor to greenhouse gases). In fact, Grounded aircraft, less traffic & reduced electricity has contributed to this drastic decline in pollution and gives us an insight into how simply we could reduce our greenhouse gases.

At the same time as we see this fleeting increase of planetary health, we watch as the economy falls; an indication of how intrinsically connected the two are. It is clear to us now that we cannot have a thriving economy with a struggling planet, and so the way forward is to bring things back into balance. How we treat nature will reflect how we treat ourselves.

This moment of slowing down simultaneously. teaches us the joys of living more simply and minimally. We don’t need to over consume to be happy or content, in fact material items are not and will never SAVE us in a situation like this. We are reminded to reduce our consumption and be grateful for everything we DO have in this life.

Sunlight and Nature are essential for health. This virus doesn’t survive very well when it comes into contact with sunlight, so make sure to get out in the morning sun for a few minutes everyday. Sunlight & nature also decrease inflammation, stress & boost immunity.

The greatest lesson for me will always come from nature. Throughout all of this, nature continues to flow effortlessly. The sun still rises, the waves still lap at the sand and the grass still grows. When we are truly aligned with our soul purpose or what we are here to do, we too stay strong and aligned with our path, unchanged by the chaos around us.

Meditation: This meditation by Steven Nobel is wonderful. We are number 1 fans

Daily affirmations for positivity:

Spend time in Nature:

Provide infinite acts of kindness:

Journal Prompts:

This is a time of unprecedented change, where anything is possible. So where is your journey going to take you?