Embodying the Goddess Archetypes

Goddess energy is all encompassing, complete and powerful. Comprised of several different archetypes that have been embodied throughout history as a manifestation of powerful women.

Understanding the different archetypal energies that create the collective goddess helps women to better understand themselves. All of these archetypes are within you and available for you to tap into. You may find that at this time in your life you resonate very strongly with one or two different archetypes, however this changes as you upgrade into new areas of your life.

To understand the goddess, we must FEEL and experience her. Words can only explain each archetype so much. Instead, ask your body to bring forth the energy of the archetype you are trying to work with and experience what comes up for you as a feeling. The more you work with one archetype the more you'll get to know and understand her intricacies.

Below are the descriptions of 9 of our favourite goddess archetypes. Which archetype do you most resonate with right now? Which archetype would you like to work more with?

The Lover: Aphrodite, Venus, Freya

She is deeply passionate, sensual and devoted to things that connect with her heart. She seeks out intimacy & romance from her relationships, which can also extend to other areas of passion such as a new project, music, art, or other beauty in the world. When she is in balance she is deeply connected with her emotions which can extend to psychic powers. In her power she embodies both the masculine and female energies and creates balance.

Shadow: Being excessive or enthusiastic about a relationship or a project can lead to exhaustion or excess stress.

How to work with her energy:

  • Explore your 5 senses to find a deeper connection with yourself?

  • Feel into your heart & let it guide you towards your bliss

  • Allow yourself to engage with your passions

  • Explore your sexual relationships and bring more intimacy and connection into them.

The Maiden: Persephone, Isis, Inanna

She is the first aspect of the triple Goddess represents the three phases of a womens life, and thus represents a youthful, childlike energy. She is innocent, curious and exploring many different experiences to discover her true passions and interests. She is a dreamer with a big imagination. Many women pass through this phase of life before they’ve settled down or established their soul path.

Shadow: Becoming too shallow or self-absorbed, being irresponsible or running away from the reality of life. She may also be drawn to a rebellious or darker side.

How to work with her energy:

  • Connect to your inner child through journalling and meditation.

  • Shift your perspective to one of curiosity.

  • Change up your routine and inject more play into your life

  • Laugh, explore and be curious about things

  • Live without a goal or an expectation of where you’ll end up

The Mother: Gaia, Ceres, Isis

She is selfless, a life giver, nurturer, devotion & unconditional love to someone or something in your life. She is the second aspect of the triple Goddess & embodies creation and bringing something to life in the world. You do not have to have physically given birth to a child to embody this archetype, the mother purely represents a lifelong devotion to nurturing a living thing.

Shadow: Neglectful of her children or creations due to over committing to other areas of life, on the other side, she is co-dependent and struggles to let go of things that she has outgrown or who have outgrown her. This could also come across as struggling to let others help you to bring or sustain this creation in the world.

How to work with her energy:

  • Get connected to nature & watch her rhythm of creation

  • Slow down and marvel at the beauty of creation all around you

  • Create something new and exciting and spend time each day giving it your love

The Queen: Hera, Juno

She is loyal to her partnerships & can feel incomplete without a partner in life. She is attracted to people or life paths that are successful, and as a result she likely possesses a large amount of power in one or many areas of her life. She is a leader. She lives in the present and embodies the full potential of life. She uses her power to protect and serve others who are more vulnerable than her and realises that all of life is sacred.

Shadow: Using power to control of manipulate the feelings of others, becoming controlling or defensive when your morals are questioned.

How to work with this energy: 

  • Explore where control shows up for you in your life?

  • Where do you over control, where do you lack control of where are you being controlled/manipulated?

  • Contemplate these questions through journaling & self reflection.

  • Spend time healing your heart & raising your vibration through chakra meditation & flower essences.

  • Uncover your vision for healing & then lead others here


The Huntress: Artemis, Diana

She represents the independent women who chooses life on her own terms. She is self reliant. She keeps her attention in her own lane and strives about achieving her own goals without being distracted by what others are doing. She is courageous and desires do things differently. She is committed to and passionate about working towards progressing a cause, usually related to womens issues.

Shadow: Cuts herself off from others, inability to express emotions

How to work with this energy:

  • Explore setting goals for your life and where you’re headed

  • Heal your base chakra through meditation, journalling & base chakra music.

  • Find what makes you different, or do things differently from others and embrace this authentic version of you


The Mystic: Vesta, Hestia

She lives within her inner world; introverted and focused on her inner spiritual growth. From the outside she appears mysterious or strange, however on the inside she is mastering inner peace and fulfilment. Most of her energy is directed inwards & so she is easily able to detach herself from the emotions or drama of others. She teaches us the value of searching inwards for true contentment.

Shadow: She is cut off from others, lonely or inability to show empathy.

How to work with this energy:

  • Meditate & implement mindfulness practices throughout your daily life

  • Cut back on material possessions and practice a more intentionally minimal life

  • Spend more time in solitude and say no to commitments that don't serve you

The Crone: Hekate

The wise woman who has lived through many experiences and has much knowledge to share with others. The crone represents the final aspect of the triple Goddess, the stage of transformation, reflection and end of cycle. Her life experience has anointed her with a wealth of knowledge which now allows her to guide others through their life. She is self assured and understands herself and her powers, and thus can help others to heal and find completion with their own selves. She signifies the end of a cycle and a preparation for an upgrade into a higher vibration.

Shadow: Bitterness and an inability to reflect on or learn from her past. She is stuck in her beliefs and unable to let go of the past.

How to work with her energy:

  • Take time to reflect on your past experiences and where you can learn.

  • Try journalling or meditating to go deeper on this.

  • Help or mentor others who are less experienced than you.

  • Celebrate and take time to enjoy how far you’ve come in life.

  • Pass down your wisdom to others who are willing to hear.


The Priestess: Isis, Dana, Inanna

She is deeply connected to her body, intuition and a higher source. She is grounded in her body and listens to the wisdom of her heart for guidance. She is constantly on the quest for knowledge from a higher source, and has a deep connection with nature. When she is truly connected to her power she is a channel for divine love, has the ability to heal others and teach them to embrace their own feminine power.

Shadow side: Inability to trust herself, perfectionism, not being present to your life or your body and ignoring signs of imbalance.


The Warrior: Athena, Kali

She is assertive and courageous. She actively fights for what she believes in & refuses to take no for an answer. She has strong personal boundaries and follows through with her goals and commitments. She knows when to say yes and when to say know. She balances out her strength with a softer caring side that is driven to protect those who are vulnerable.

Shadow: She is jealous or creates chaos in her life, she is resentful or unable to forgive. She withholds love from others.

How to work with her energy:

  • Heal your solar plexus and throat chakras through meditation.

  • These chakras rule your self confidence, bravery and ability to speak your truth.

  • Take the leap of faith and back yourself the entire way.

  • Surround yourself with others who will support this change or upgrade. Implement boundaries in your life where you know they are lacking and be strong on them.

  • You may need to let go of things in order to make this possible.