Herbal Alchemy Day 6

Hello, welcome to Day 6!


Are you feeling a bit more in your body today? Maybe you might be feeling the reverberations of the previous activations? We'd love to hear from you. 

Day 6 - Gotu Kola

The herb that unifies the mind and heart, tapping into and clearing past lives. Mind and memory longevity.

 Herbal Wisdom

Gotu Kola is a ground coverage plant that grows best near water. Its leaves appear as two sides of the brain, so naturally Gotu Kola is a wonderful brain herb especially in improving memory. It allows one to tap into memories of this life and past life so that you can find closure with patterns that are playing out in this life. It also helps to unify both hemispheres of the brain so that we can live in harmony with our head and heart. 
From another perspective, the leaf of the Gotu Kola resembles the heart, an offering of unconditional love and reminder that we are all part of the whole. This loving herb exists to connect and heal separated parts of ourselves. Gotu Kola restores parts of the self that have been injured or wounded on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and loves them back to wholeness. This can be in this lifetime or past lifetimes.
In Chinese Medicine it is also known as the herb of longevity for its ability to improve all ailments associated with ageing. Gotu Kola also transcends lifetimes and has the ability to help you tap into past life and ancestral patterning in order to clear and move forward.

The Ceremony

Begin by playing this music or any 963HZ music

Then play this meditation audio & follow along.


Or follow the script below

Begin with your hands on the soil or on grounding yourself and thanking mother earth.
Then close down your eyes.
Call in the five elements.

The earth, the water, the fire, the air and the spirit

Acknowledge the past, present and future custodians of the land you’re on.


Rise up to stand, bring your hands to prayer at your heart. 

Take a moment to set an intention for something you'd like to shift today.

Then turn toward the sun, and open your hands out to your sides. palms facing forward. If there is no sun, visualise a golden light coming in through your third eye, activating your higher mind. Breathe in here as the light pools and breathe out as it expands.

Now bring the light down into your heart chakra, which is the place of divine love. Breathe in a beautiful deep breath as the light as it pools and expands here. 

Then bring the light down through the rest of your body and anchor it into the earth.

Taking in 6 beautiful deep breaths - 4 count inhale and 4 count exhale. 


Now we take a moment to bring in the medicine of Gotu Kola.

Gotu Kola is the ever growing green herb of complete regeneration. Its leaves resemble both the heart and the brain, depending on which way you look at them. Not unexpectedly, the medicine of Gotu Kola is that of unification. It helps to unite both sides of the brain and merge the heart and the mind so that all thoughts and actions are unified in love.
Gotu Kola remedies parts of our selves that we have disconnected from, it can help us to tap into and clear past memories and past lives so that we can completely regenerate. 
Take a few beautiful deep breaths as you invite Gotu Kola into your third eye.
Allow the Gotu Kola to reveal if there are any blockages here.
You may experience these as sensations, words or visions. Allow whatever wants to come. 
Then taking the Gotu Kola down to the heart space and allowing it to reveal any blockages that you have here. Feel into what is coming up. If you don't feel anything that is okay too, the medicine will still be working.
Now visualise a pillar of light from the heart flooding up to the third eye and then out the top of your crown, connecting with your higher self. 
Breathe deeply here as you feel your heart and mind completely recalibrate.
When you feel this is complete, take a deep breath in and visualise the pillar of light coming back down into your body and then watching it move down and into the earth.
Feel the recalibration of yourself here.
When you're ready, bring your hands to prayer at your heart thanking yourself and the magical Gotu Kola for providing its medicine for you today.

Take a few more breaths here. Open your eyes. You may like to free write about your experience, or use the journal prompts below.

Journal Prompts
  • What¬†came up during this activation today?
  • What was or is blocking your third eye?
  • What is blocking your heart from feeling?
  • What came up when you reconnected the heart and the mind?
  • What¬†beliefs do you currently hold that are not aligned with love.?

Thank you for joining us on this magical journey. We look forward to sharing tomorrows herb and ceremony with you.