Herbal Alchemy Day 4

Hello, welcome to Day 4!

We hope you are enjoying this connection to the plants and maybe understanding them in a different light. What we're loving about these activations is that you don'y need to physically hold or consume the plant in order to harness their magic. Just like we can transport ourselves to different places and lifetimes through our third eye, we too can bring in any medicine or tool anywhere in the world at anytime. We are, after all, multi-dimensional beings.


Day 4 - Calendula

The sun worshipper, shines high vibrancy light into the the areas where deep seated emotions are held. Comforts the heart and keeps the spirits high


Herbal Wisdom

Calendula, or the calendar flower receives its name as it blooms all year round and is closely aligned with the rhythms of the sun. The bright golden flowers open with the morning sun and close down in the mid afternoon as the sun begins to descend. 

Each petal of the Calendula flower is a rainbow bridge from the heart to the divine. As a whole, its petals resemble the mane of the lion, which is indicative of it’s astrological ties with the sign of Leo; the courageous and big hearted Lion.

As Herbalist Dr Culpepper once said, Calendula is¬†‚Äėa comforter of the heart & spirits‚Äô.¬†

Calendula invites harmony and equilibrium wherever it is planted. In the garden Calendula attracts bees + butterflies whilst repelling pests. Similarly, when used in healing calendula will use its golden rays to draw in the healing power of the sun but has the discernment to protect against negativity, harmful spirits and psychic attacks. 

The Ceremony

Begin by playing this music or any 639HZ music

Then play this meditation audio & follow along.


Or follow the script below

Begin with your hands on the soil, grounding yourself and thanking mother earth.
Then close down your eyes.
Call in the five elements.

The earth, the water, the fire, the air and the spirit

Acknowledge the past, present and future custodians of the land you’re on.


Rise up to stand, bring your hands to prayer at your heart. 

Take a moment to set an intention for something you'd like to shift today.

Then turn toward the sun, and open your hands out to your side, palms facing forward. If there is no sun, visualise a golden light coming in through your third eye and down into the heart space. Feel the sunlight holding and warming here.

Take a deep breath in.... and out. 

Then bring the light down through the rest of the body and into the earth.

Taking in 6 beautiful deep breaths - 4 count inhale and 4 count exhale. 


Now we take a moment to bring in the medicine of Calendula

Calendula is the sun worshipper as it follows the natural rhythms of the sun. Just like the sunflower its petals open up with the morning sun and close down in the mid afternoon as the sun begins to descend. 

Calendula radiates golden light to clear stagnancy and deep seated emotions. It reinvigorates these areas with life force so that so that energy can once again flow with ease.

It is imbued with the magic of discernment. It can attract what is of nourishment and benefit whilst repelling and protecting from what is toxic or unaligned.


Take a few deep breaths as you visualise the golden flower of calendula arriving at the centre of your heart. 

Allow the golden light of Calendula to permeate throughout the emotional body filtering through any stagnant or suppressed emotions that are ready to be released. 

Take a few deep breaths as you let the light go deeper and deeper. Simply observe what arises.


When you're ready, visualise a waterfall pouring down from the crown of your head through the body and cleansing out all that has arisen to be released.

This waterfall washes through the body and flows down and out of your feet into the waterways of the earth.

Visualise in the not too distant horizon, these waterways meeting and collecting into a golden chalice. 

Once you're ready, walk toward this golden chalice, filled with the water and energy of all that you have released. Pick up this chalice and then offer it up to the light.

Take a beautiful deep breath in... and out...

Bring your hands to prayer at your heart and take a moment in gratitude for all that has assisted you on this activation today.

When you are ready, open your eyes. You may like to free write about your experience, or use the journal prompts below.

Journal Prompts
  • What¬†emotions came up to be released?
  • What stories or memories are¬†connected to these emotions?¬†
  • What emotions do you fear or struggle to express
  • Write a letter to the emotion that most needs healing right now?¬†

Thank you for joining us on this magical journey. We look forward to sharing tomorrows herb and ceremony with you.

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