Herbal Alchemy Day 3

Hello, welcome to Day 3!
How was your experience with the beautiful euphoria of Damiana? Did you find that it helped to balance out the masculine and feminine energies within? Maybe there was one that has been overpowering or overcompensating for the other.
We'd love to hear your experiences + what it's shifting for you.

Day 3 - Arnica

The yellow mountain daisy, potent with cleansing golden light. It offers the strength to delve into deep pain & neglected parts of self so that they can be bathed in light and reintegrated. 



Herbal Wisdom

Arnica is sometimes also known as the mountain daisy as it is found growing wildly in areas of high altitude with minimal to no fertility. Its ability to thrive in. areas where there is little nourishment gives Arnica the potency to hold space and shine light into areas of ourselves that are unloved or neglected. 

The constituents of the arnica flower make it wonderful for pain and bruising by drawing blood flow and prana to areas that need healing. Where darkness, pain , psychic attacks and/or suffering exists Arnica will flood with light and hold space for healing to occur.

The Ceremony

Begin by playing this music or any 528HZ music

Then play this meditation audio & follow along.


Or follow the script below

Begin with your hands on the soil, grounding yourself. thanking mother earth.
Then close down your eyes.
Call in the four elements.

The earth, the water, the fire, the air and the spirit

And then visualise a circle of stones surrounding you. These are the rock spirits that hold and protect you through this activation.

Acknowledge the past, present and future custodians of the land you’re on.


Rise up to stand, bring your hands to prayer at your heart. 

Take a moment to set an intention for something you'd like to shift today.

Then turn toward the sun, and open your hands out to your side, palms facing forward. If there is no sun, visualise a golden light coming in through your third eye, into the body and down into the earth. 

Taking in 5 beautiful deep breaths - 4 count inhale and 4 count exhale. 


Now we take a moment to bring in the medicine of Arnica.

Arnica is the yellow mountain Daisy. It grows wildly in areas of high altitude, where there is little fertility but lots of sun. The strength to grow and shine bright where little love and nourishment exists is the power of Arnica. 

With the help of the rocks on which arnica grows, it holds space to delve into the depths of the self which are unloved or neglected and floods them with the light of the sun so that healing can occur.

Take a few deep breaths as you bring the light of arnica into your body. Hold this light and allow it to illuminate where there is pain to be healed. You may see, hear or have an intuitive knowing of what is ready to be revealed and reintegrated. Take a few deep breaths to explore here.



Place your hands over your heart and feel the pain drawing through the body and into the heart. Feel it coming out through the heart, transmuting the pain through love. As it emerges through your heart, visualise this pain forming into a rock.

Hold the rock in your hands and place it back onto the earth to be reintegrated.

Take a few beautiful deep breaths here.

Bring your hands to your heart as you thank mother earth, the rock spirits and arnica for supporting you in transmuting this pain.

Again we take a beautiful deep breath in and slowly feel yourself coming back into your physical body. 


When you're ready, you might like to journal about your experience, call a friend or use the prompts below.


Journal Prompts

  • What came up in the light to be released during this herbal healing
  • Where did you feel the pain in your body?
  • What is the story behind this pain, where does it originate?
  • What parts of your self do you struggle to love
  • Write a letter to the part of yourself¬†that is¬†feeling unloved or rejected


Thank you for joining us on this magical journey. We look forward to sharing tomorrows herb and ceremony with you.

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