The Magic of Sage

Sage is the beautiful soft, long leafed herb that grows in most medicinal gardens and revered for its potent ability to cleanse and purify energies. It is one of the most commonly used ceremonial herbs, especially for clearing all negativity from the mind, body and surroundings.
As is indicated by its namesake, this herb holds wisdom and knowledge of many lifetimes. Sage allows you to tap into and seek guidance from your inner wisdom, the part of you that knows the answers.
Sage has long been considered an herb of longevity. The leaf of sage appears with the same patterning as dry, ageing skin so naturally sage can reinvigorate the parts of you that are lacking vitality, lubrication and youthfulness. It clears out all the old cobwebs that are draining your life force, whether that be in your aura, your physical space and reminds you of your innate youthful nature. 
High in antioxidants, Sage protects the body by fighting off oxidative stress and free radical damage. Its potent antimicrobial, antiseptic and carminative properties help to fight off infection and inflammation in the body. It is particularly useful when managing inflammation or infection of the mouth, throat and nose.
Sage is ruled by the throat chakra as shown through the blue in its flowers. You can use Sage to clear out any blockages with your self expression or negativity around expressing who you truly are so that you do not need to manipulate or hide parts of yourself. Sage clears the way from negativity, builds emotional strength and holds space for new life and possibility to be birthed.
Sage is also a wonderful herb for assisting in the digestion of emotions and food so the body can be nourished. Holding space to move through grief and heal any parts of self that are not serving your highest vibration of life. It allows you to feel much more grounded and moves you out of your head, as a result you will naturally feel more settled and calm.
 Magical Medicinal

Clearing & purification

Digesting emotions

True self expression

Fights infection (especially in the upper respiratory area)

Aids digestion & reduces gas

Enhance memory & brain function

You can find Sage in our Gut Bath Soak and Goddess Bath Soak