The Magic of Myrrh


Myrrh is the golden sap from the Commiphora myrrh tree which grows wildly in old lands such as Somalia and by the Red Sea. The same red sea which, according to the bible, parted and made way to heaven or the promised land. In ancient times Myrrh was highly revered and often worth more than gold due to its magical ability to heal and repair all. 


Myrrh is highly connected to the divine, and is considered a sacred offering to the gods. When you anoint yourself or bathe in Myrrh, you are honouring the golden god-like aspect within yourself. 


As a sap, myrrh possesses a natural ability to reconnect and unite anything that has been severed, broken or lost. A salve of myrrh can heal the skin from irritation and wounds. And energetically myrrh can restore the aura and life force energy. Myrrh is of unity consciousness, and one of its gifts is to restore unity to the body. Myrrh lays down a golden path, the direction of the divine and the way forward for healing through love.



Myrrh is commonly used in ceremonies to break curses or for protection against psychic attack. It has a strong constitution that can hold strong boundaries against all negativity so that you are held in a sacred bubble. Here you feel safe to be vulnerable and delve into healing work. Similarly on a physical plane, when applied to the skin it creates an almost impenetrable barrier from infection and impurities so that the body can replenish itself without interference.


It is of such a potent and high vibration constitution that any negativity or darkness on an energetic level or impurities and bacteria on a physical level are of no issue to it. Myrrh clears these lower vibrational energies swiftly and with ease.


A digestive enhancer, Myrrh stimulates the digestive processes and promotes absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Naturally it also helps to supercharge the digestion of emotion and life in general. It works rapidly in the body, almost as though it transcends obstacles of a lower vibration. 


Myrrh is a beautiful offering that reminds us that we are all golden beings. It invites us to see every part of ourselves through the realm of love and thins the veils so we are more closely connected to the divine within everything. 



  • Offering & connection to the divine
  • Transmutes all that is not love
  • Holds a nurturing space so that healing can occur in safety
  • Lights the path of the divine
  • Digestion of the emotions and life


  • Antibacterial, antiviral
  • Digestive enhancer - where there is no inflammation
  • Traditionally used to heal¬†inflammation, wounds or irritation on the skin


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