Preparing for Pregnancy

If you're considering on trying to fall pregnant, here is a little guide written from a naturopathic perspective to help you to tune into your body, and the body of your partner and ensure the best chance of a natural conception.

In the pre-conception phase we focus on clearing out any stagnant energy, accumulated toxicity and emotional blockages, as well as a focus on nourishing the body and connecting to the highest light for support throughout your conception. 



A focus on cleansing the liver in the preconception phase to balance the hormones and clear the toxic load before conception.


  • Add in liver herbs such as calendula, dandelion and St Mary's Thistle to promote liver detoxification.¬†Our liver tea is also a wonderful blend to drink daily for supporting this process.
  • Drink lemon water with ginger & turmeric first thing in the morning on an empty stomach¬†to promote clearing and cleansing. Make sure to brush your teeth afterwards.
  • Aim to sweat a few times a week, either through exercise or saunas. Sweating helps to flush out the lymphatic-emotional system.¬†
  • Dry body brushing also stimulates lymph detoxification. Add into your pre-bathing ritual on dry skin for the best benefits.
  • Create a healthy environment by removing all toxic cleaning and beauty products which can cause havoc on the hormones.¬†


Replenish the mind and restore any nutrient deficiencies in the body through high quality supplements and supportive practices.

  • Set aside time for regular magnesium baths. Magnesium is responsible for over 100 essential functions in the body¬†especially during pregnancy.¬†Whilst bathing, set your fertility intention and visualise the support of your guides, who will help you to connect and bring your star seed to the world.¬†Our pregnancy or detox soak are beautiful for¬†this practice.
  • Focus on whole foods and minimise processed and refined foods. Feel the vibrancy of the food you are eating and you‚Äôll naturally be drawn to eating foods that are alive and good for you.

Pre Natal Supplements

  • For the mum:¬†
  • Eagle Tresos Nata,¬†NaturoBest¬†or¬†Biomedica Pre Natal are great
  • Probiotics
  • If iron levels need boosting¬†use either¬†Spatone liquid or Pure Innovation iron
  • Fish oil- EPA/DHA 4.2ml¬†
  • For the dad
  • High quality Zinc and B12 for sperm quality


Connecting with your Cycle

Your monthly cycle will tell you a lot about your body, hormone function and stress levels. The more tuned in you are with your cycle the more easily things will flow, physically and energetically. When you tune into your cycle you'll also know when you're ovulating, and thus when you are fertile. 

Some other questions about your cycle to consider:

  • Do you have regular periods?¬†
    This can indicate hormone imbalances, whether you are ovulating or any other things to address. 


  • If you've been on the pill, how long since you've come off it?
    On average it takes the body 3 months to begin ovulating after coming off the pill, however it can take longer for the body to regulate itself and find rhythm.

You might also want to discuss these with a qualified health care professional if you have any questions or concerns.


A Ceremony - Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming for clearing out stagnant energy, past traumas and promote healthy blood flow and uterine function. 

Yoni steams help lubricate the membranes of the uterus so that they are more conducive to conception. If you are actively trying to conceive, you can use the Yoni Steam during your pre-ovulation phase up until ovulation, to prepare for conception. Do not steam after possible conception. Refer to our yoni steaming guide for more details