Magical Violet

Violet is the beautiful blue-purple flower of the fairies, with heart shaped leaves. It grows low on the ground and if you aren’t looking you might miss its fairy magic. It is a plant of healing through love and nourishment indicated by its heart shaped leaves and its high nutrient content. Traditionally it was used as a symbol of fertility and love.
The purple vibration of sweet violet is symbolic of the violet flame which purifies, cleanses and transmutes all that is not of the highest light. It integrates the vision of the higher self with the unity consciousness of the heart to transmute all energies that are not serving you in this moment.
Violet is a plant of clarity and psychic vision, opening up the third eye to see the truth from a higher perspective. Violet works through the body to clear out what is preventing you from seeing yourself from a loving place. It guides you to reconnect your heart and your mind so that any areas of disconnection or rejection are reintegrated into the light.
Violet loves water and grows in shady areas. As a result it offers a cooling and moistening effect in the body. Being a water lover it is a wonderful nourishing lymphatic herb that clears out stagnant energy and emotions in a gentle loving way. Violet metaphorically offers you a gentle place to rest and be restored. When you surrender to the help of violet it can clear any irritation or emotional pain you are experiencing.
 Magical Medicinal


Purifies all that is of lower vibration

Heart-mind integration

Nourishing the parts of you that are irritated

Seeing the truth

Moistening lymphatic
Upper respiratory clear & cleanse

Skin irritation - acne & eczema

Inflammation & irritation of the upper respiratory including asthma, bronchitis, sore throat & laryngitis.


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