How to Create a Beautiful Bath

Bathing is a beautiful tradition that dates back to ancient times, where lavish bathing houses were built as places for socialising, healing & cleansing. In many cultures, such as in ancient India bathing was a ritual complete three times a day as a ceremonial cleansing.

Today, however, bathing has lost its importance & luxury. We don't allow ourselves the time, nor do value the medicinal & ceremonial benefits of bathing. Bathing is one of the simplest ways to connect with and honour your body.

Bathing with bath salts, herbs and essential oils create a beautiful ceremony;Ā helping to replenish minerals, aid recovery & harmonise imbalances. If you bathe with nothing else, just adding magnesium to your bath will provide many benefits. This under appreciated mineral serves 300 purposes in the body including producing energy & protecting DNA from damage.

You don't need a bath to still have a 'bathing' experience. You could replace the bath with a yoni or facial steam, a foot bath. or a full body self-massage

If you're looking to elevate your bathing experience, here are the 3 things you need for a perfect bath, every time: Preparation, Intention and Magic


Make sure the space will be undisturbed, and you can completely unwind.

A few pre-bathing rituals you might also like to incorporate are:

  • A Full Body Oil Massage: Body massage is a popular Ayurvedic practice used to detoxify the body through the skin & usually done before bathing.
  • Dry Body Brushing: Brushing the body is said to help drain the lymphatic system, promote skin rejuvenation & help to even out skin tone.
  • Face Mask: Use a natural clay mask to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.


Setting the IntentionĀ 

What does your physical body need right now? Check in with how your body is feeling to decide what you most need. Some places to start:

Whatever it is, set this intention for your bath, and with that intention choose the herbs, essential oils and salts that will work with your body to do this.Ā 



Of course there has to be magic! We like to think of the magic as the energetics working behind the scenes to help to heal and rebalance your auric field.

  • Grab your crystals (but double check that they're okay to bathe with)

  • Tune into your intention & bring visualise the energy you are wanting to create through meditation or breath work.

  • If you're working with one specific chakra, bring in that colour to help harmonise & rebalance

  • Add some flower essences to help with the energetic unblocking

  • Call on your guides or universal team for support to bring forth this new energy

To complete your bathing ritual, its always really nice to honour your body with an affirmation that you can take away to keep you centred and calm as you leave your little slice of heaven.