Creating Herbal Poultices

Creating Herbal Poultices

Herbal poultices are made up of healing ingredients and applied to the skin with the intention of drawing out infection and inflammation .

Poultices can be hot or cold depending on the effect you’re hoping for. Warm poultices are designed to increase circulation to an area to enhance healing. A cold poultice can help with pacifying inflammation or redness. 

To create a poultice of your own you will first need to begin with an intention. What is it that you are trying to heal? Is there a particular area of your body that needs healing or are you working on a deeper emotional level. Tune into your body and ask it what is needed.

Allow your chosen intention to guide the herbs you would like to use. Go out into your garden and pick the herbs or flowers that you are drawn too or pop into your local health food store and select some here. Alternatively you can also use ½ cup of one of our bath soaks as the herbal aspect of your poultice.

Once you’ve got your herbs you will need to gather

  • A cloth
  • A ceramic pot (or saucepan)

To begin, add some water to your saucepan (enough to cover your cloth) then add in your herbs or your bath soak of choice. Bring the water to a boil and then drop it down to a simmer for at least 15 minutes, allowing the water to absorb the medicinal benefits of the herbs. 

Whilst the water is being infused, create a calm and relaxing space for you to lie down and enjoy your treatment. You may like to prepare a meditation or music, light candles, collect crystals, pull oracle cards etc.


Once the water is looking rich and delicious with herbal benefits, add in your cloth and allow it to soak in the water. Here you may also like to add anything else that you feel would add to your ceremony - crystals, flower essences etc.

Then take your cloth (Ensure it is warm but not too hot that it will burn the skin) and place it directly onto the area that requires healing. Allow yourself to rest here and let the poultice do the work.

If you’re struggling to decide where you want to focus your poultice, here are some suggestions:


 Issue Placement of Poultice Soak you could use
Grief or sadness chest/lungs or upper back Immune Soak
Period pain or sexual/intimacy blockages over the womb space  Goddess Soak or Stress Soak
Heartache over the heart space Stress Soak
Insecurity over the mid back Sleep Soak
Stomach upset, constipation, IBS over belly Gut Soak
Anger, frustration hips, buttocks or liver areas Detox Soak
Feeling burdened shoulders
Stress Soak
Fear of self expression over the throat
Immune Soak
Guilt or shame over the lower back
Stress Soak
Aches and/or pain over the specified area of the body Achy Soak