Calculating your Life Path Number

The life path number comes from Numerology & is said to represent the age of your soul in this physical realm. The most common numerology that is used today was created by Pythagoras who believed that the physical world was made up of numbers expressed as energetic vibrations, and thus this numerology was born.

The Life Path Number specifically, represents your skills, strengths, weaknesses & ambitions, and casts the overall theme of your life.

Calculating your Life Path Number 

To calculate your life path number, you’ll need to find the root of your birth date (00/00/0000) by treating each number as a single digit, then adding them together until you get to a single root number. 11 and 22 are exclusions from this rule, as they are considered Master Numbers.

Confused? Here’s an easier explanation for you

Say your birthday is: 13th May 1984

This is broken down into single digits, so:

  • 13 becomes 1 + 3, May becomes 4, and 1984 becomes 1+9+8+4

  • So this sum will be: 1 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 31

  • 31 is then further reduced to 4 which is your life path number.

  • Note: If you get number 11 or 22, don't reduce anymore, these are Master Numbers!

Once you’ve calculated your number, find your number below to see what that means for you.

Number 1: Leadership, Independence & Courage - Number 1 represents birth & new beginnings, so bringing new ideas and massive change is what you’re here to do. Success will come when you think for yourself, and take bold courageous steps towards your vision for the world. You have the conviction & capabilities to birth new ideas into the universal consciousness.

Number 2: Sensitivity, Balance & Partnership - You are a natural peace maker. You thrive by bringing others together & resolving differences. Life flows best for you when everything is balanced & you have a close knit community that fills you up with joy.

Number 3: Creativity, Expression & Innovation - Great with words & expressing yourself through creative endeavours. You’re willing to work hard to make your visions a reality, so things come easily for you. Things naturally flow when you’re enjoying yourself & engaging your imagination.

Number 4: Practical, Hardworking & Discipline - Grounded in fact & science you love details and believe in hard work. You are reliable and provide structure & a good foundation for those in your life. You’re not afraid of hard work & enduring through these tough times allows you to become a master in whatever you do.

Number 5: Adventurous, Resourceful & Freedom - You love new adventures & having new experiences as these allow you to grow and engage your curiosity about the world. You are driven by freedom and versatility. You thrive in change & are always looking to take a chance to follow your passions.

Number 6: Nurturing, Idealist & Humanitarian - You have a huge heart & an intelligent mind which makes you a perfect problem solver in both the physical and emotional realms. You are committed to truth & justice to ensure that everyone around you feels equally loved and supported. Creativity & art also runs through you and fulfills your spirit.

Number 7: Intellectual, Analytical & Inner Wisdom - Going to great depths to understand the world around you continues to provide you with the insight you need to find flaws and improve how things work. You are highly attentive and quick witted, and likely the first to understand & explain things when no one else can.

Number 8: Powerful, Ambitious & Abundant - Number 8 is the number of abundance, so it’s likely that you have a natural magnetism towards anything that you desire. Wealth and prosperity come easily to you, as you’re willing to work hard to gain what you want. You are wise and possess good judgment and thus you hold a lot of power & influence for those around you.

Number 9: Selfless, Perfectionist & Sisterhood - In numerology 9 represents the end of the cycle, and thus this life path number signifies that instead of self gain a lot of what you are here to do revolves around giving & caring for others and this is also where you will receive the most satisfaction. You have unlimited potential to succeed, but to do so you need to stay true to your values & trust in higher support.

Master Numbers

Number 11: Self Healing, Teacher, Enlightenment. 11 amplifies the energy of number 2 & connected to spiritual enlightenment. It’s likely you have been gifted with extrasensory or psychic abilities. Your life path is all about learning to heal yourself and heal others.

Number 22: Adaptable, Inventive, Transformative: Number 22 is an expansion of number 4  and is fuelled with the inspiration to transcend immediate realities & go deeper. You are always on a mission to transform, and your creative & industrious abilities allow you to succeed in this.

Once you find your number, you can use it to help you better understand your desires in life and may help you uncover the explanation behind your life path and why you do what you do.