A Practice for Cutting Cords

Energetic cords are created when we connect with other people, objects or events. These cords connect themselves to our chakras and through this attachment we can exchange energetic information. The more we get attached to a person, object or place the stronger these cords connect and the more we can share intuitively.

For instance, have you ever ‘felt’ what someone dear to you was feeling even without them opening their mouths. Or maybe you’ve ‘felt’ the feeling of being at home somewhere, or an object that stimulates strong emotions within you. These are all energetic messages passed to your through these energy cords.

Like relationships, energetic cords can be both good & bad depending on how they make you feel. Positive energetic connections will fill you with life, vibrancy and joy whereas negative energetic cords will drain your energy, make you feel powerless or zapped of energy.

When we experience the latter, it is definitely time to cut these energetic cords so that this relationship does not have any power of you. Even if you’ve physically removed yourself from this person, object or place the energetic cords will still remain and so it’s important that you not only physically remove but energetically remove their hold over you too.

Here is the practice:

To begin, call upon your spirit guide or angel to help you in this process. Close down your eyes and finding your space here. Then conjure an image of the person, object or place that has an energetic hold over you and visualise a silver cord connecting between you and it/them.

Now visualise a pair of scissors & out loud: ‘I call upon (guide) to help me release, let go &  heal any energetic cords that no longer serve me. Vibrant loving energy returns to me, filling my being with peace & wholeness.

Now cut the silver cord & watch it dissolve the connection. Finally, visualise yourself bathed in a pool of white or rainbow light refilling your soul with peace & vitality. You are now free.

Flower Essence Power:

For extra energetic clearance pick some bush flower essences & take a few drops of each. We chose Angelsword & Wild Potato Bush.

If you’d like your own personalised flower essence, send us a message and we’ll put one together for you.