Herbal Alchemy Day 2

Hello there beautiful,
Welcome to day 2. How was your experience with St John's Wort? Did it help you transform anything that was stuck. Feel free to keep working with it if you feel called to it. The more you familiarise yourself with its energy, the more you'll be able to use it to transform and transmute what is stuck.

Day 2 - Damiana

Damiana softens the masculine so that the energy of shakti can arise. Clears obstacles so that sexuality and creativity can be experienced freely. True embodiment of your power.


Herbal Wisdom

Damiana is a vibrant yellow flower that appears as an opening to the sun; joy and life. The softness of the flower petals juxtaposed with the toughness and pointy nature of the leaves symbolises the natural meeting point of the masculine and the feminine, where a natural creation exists.

The yellow flower is also akin to the symbol of the Merkabah which is a three dimensional star shape. It represents the point of balance where the two points of duality exist. Where the masculine meets the feminine, where the light meets the dark. 

The Ceremony

Begin by playing this music or any 417HZ music

Then play this meditation audio & follow along.


Or follow the script below

Begin with your hands on the soil, grounding yourself. thanking mother earth.
Then close down your eyes.
Call in the four elements.

The earth, the water, the fire, the air and the spirit

Acknowledge the past, present and future custodians of the land you’re on.

Call in Ganesha, the elephant god, to clear all obstacles on this activation today.


Rise up to stand, bring your hands to prayer at your heart. 

Take a moment to set an intention for something you'd like to shift today.

Then turn toward the sun, and open your hands out to your side, palms facing forward. If there is no sun, visualise a golden light coming in through your third eye, into the body and down into the earth. 

Taking in 5 beautiful deep breaths - 4 count inhale and 4 count exhale. 


Now we take a moment to bring in the medicine of Damiana. Damiana is a vibrant yellow flower that loves the sun. Its leaves are hardy and pointed whilst the petals are soft and welcoming and together Damiana brings in both the masculine and feminine elements.

So here we invite you to tune into either your masculine or feminine side; whichever one is most dominant for. In a physical sense, the masculine is on the right of the body whilst the feminine is the left. 

Taking in a beautiful deep breath now, feel into whichever side is overpowering. Then ask the part of you which knows; why is this side overpowering or overcompensating.

Breathe in. Allow things to arise. There may be imagery, a story, colours or a sensation. Spend as long as you need here to explore.


At the base of your spine, visualise the damiana spiralling from the base all the way up your spine out of your crown and up to the highest light.

Now call in Archangel Michael to come and clear any unwanted energies that have risen from this activation with damiana.


Once you feel this clearing is complete, raise your hands above your head & then bring them down through your centre into a diamond shape over your womb or sacral chakra. Feel the warmth of your hands, feeling everything you've let go of. Coming back into alignment

Again we take a beautiful deep breath in. 

When you're ready, bring both hands over the heart & taking a few breaths here. And slowly feel yourself coming back into your physical body. 


When you're ready, you might like to journal about your experience, call a friend or use the prompts below.


Journal Prompts

  • What came up during this herbal healing
  • Where are you afraid of your power?
  • What side of you is more dominant? Your masculine or feminine?
  • Write a letter to the part of yourself¬†that is hiding or feeling unloved or rejected.


Thank you for joining us on this magical journey. We look forward to sharing tomorrows herb and ceremony with you.

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