Yoni Steams for Fertility


Yoni steams are a beautiful and simple way to connect with the womb space and realigning the feminine body into its natural state of fertility and creativity.

Where cold causes contraction, heat supports opening and releasing. The yoni steam increases circulation therefore stimulates vital blood flow, supporting your womb to release any stagnant blood or energy blockage that may have built up.

Yoni Steams can be used for both menstrual regulation and/or promoting fertility. 

For fertility Yoni steams help lubricate the membranes of the uterus so that they are more conducive to conception. If you are actively trying to conceive, you can use the Yoni Steam during your pre-ovulation phase up until ovulation, to prepare for conception. Do not steam after possible conception.

For Menstruation Yoni steams can help to ease menstrual pain, imbalances and blood clots. Create some time to prepare 1 -3 yoni steam ceremonies during your pre menstrual (luteal) phase. The warmth of the steam will aid in cleansing and nourishing the uterine membranes for enhance blood flow, nurturing pelvic stagnancy and reducing blood clots. This is one of the best ways to prepare for your moon-time/menstruation as not only are you giving warmth to an often neglected area, but you are connecting in with your womb wisdom and here we will often find answers to menstrual irregularities that we cannot discern with our minds alone. 

To create a yoni steam ceremony

Light a candle (or a few) to begin your ceremony. Prepare your blend of herbs and place into a large heat-proof bowl. Pour boiling water into the bowl of herbs, just enough to submerge the herbs & allow to steam and cool slightly. 

Once it has cooled a little, place the bowl into the toilet bowl and then sit over it, allow the steam to rise into your yoni. Note - the steam should be comfortable and not too hot. 

As you are steaming, close your eyes and visualise your intention for this steam. Imagine golden light from the herbs rising in and into your womb space; cleansing out pain, stagnancy, past lovers and bringing in light, warmth and healing to this space. Allow yourself to experience whatever comes up. The womb and yoni is a very sensitive space and we often hold a lot of emotion (shame, embarrassment, hurt, stress, traumas) in here so allow whatever needs to be released, to come out. 


A Yoni Steam Blend for Fertility

  • Rose Petals¬†- for heart¬†connection
  • Calendula¬†- for emotional and lymphatic cleansing. Connection to solar plexus and self power
  • Ginger¬†- for warmth and circulating stagnant blood and energy¬†
  • Withania - for¬†it's properties as a blood tonic and adaptogen. Supports¬†the feminine
  • Sage - for cleansing and clearing past lovers, past traumas
  • Red Clover - lymphatic, emotional¬†release

Mix a handful of each into a bowl and place into a glass jar to store away from direct sunlight to prevent oxidisation.