The Depth of Water

Recently I have started a practice of sending a blessing into the river close to my home, each day. I take my shoes off, connect with the earth and then rest my attention on the flow of the river, my way of connecting with it. I then send a blessing into the water from my heart. Each day my offering is slightly different, but I trust that whatever arises is the perfect thing to give. My intention with each blessing is to heal the consciousness of the water, and thus the consciousness of all living beings.


I understand from the outside this may seem a little deranged - how can I heal water with words? Let alone heal all living beings? 


The work of Dr Masuro Emoto is what first resonated within me, the depth that water holds. In his studies on water, Dr Emoto witnessed and documented the molecular structure of water change depending on the way it was spoken to & regarded. Water that was spoken to with love or kindness held a molecular shape of a crystal or snowflake - which also happens to be its intended structure as water is liquid crystallization. Yet water that was treated or spoken to with hate or negativity appeared broken. He therefore concluded that all water holds consciousness. 


Dr Emoto's Findings


His findings are pretty powerful, and I know when I first saw the images of his water experiments, my mind was opened. Having had a deep connection to water for most of my life, I recognised that water held a spiritual significance, however I’d never considered that water could hold memory. But once I did, I started to recognise this significance. 


When we look at how water interacts and exists on our planet earth, we can recognise that every living thing on earth contains water. Water is the greatest unifier, as without it there is no life on earth. Every drop of water is also connected by a never ending flow. This quote by Sylvia Earle sums it up: “No water, no life. No blue, no green.”


For instance, the water in our lakes, rivers, oceans etc is absorbed by clouds, which then rain down and water the food that we eat and likely contribute to the water we drink. And so the cycle continues. 


Our physical human form is made up of around 70% water, so too is the earth each of us lives upon. The amniotic fluid we rest in during pregnancy is made up of 98% sea like water.


And so again we see the interconnectedness of it all. 


If, as shown by Dr Emoto, that water holds these memories, then it is fair to say that the water in our bodies is shaped by how we speak to it. If we speak negatively to ourselves, we hold this vibration in our bodies (for water, like all cells is made up of vibrating energy). If we speak negatively about others, this too is heard by the body and remembered too. Every emotion and experience is stored in our bodies. So to begin to heal our bodies, and the world at large we must speak with love and kindness. It’s science.


And because water is in a constant state of flow, when we change the energetic state of the water that we come in contact with, that will then flow on to the rest of life. 


To me, this is a form of sacred environmentalism.

As someone who is very passionate about caring for our planet, this energetic healing of water through speaking and offering kindness is such an empowering way to peacefully protest against the degradation of our planet. Instead of feeling powerless under the weight of big businesses who refuse to respect the value of nature, we can begin to heal the earth by healing ourselves. Speaking kind words to our own bodies, the water we drink, bathe in and water our plants with is a simple yet profound way to change the energetics of all that live on our planet. 


The power of water blessings is nothing new, the Ganges river that sits at the base of the Himalayas in India is a perfect example of this. The holy ‘Ganga’ as is known in India is worshipped as the mother goddess by all who come to her banks. It is also one of the most polluted bodies of water on earth, and yet it is considered to be energetically very pure water. The water is used in medicine, and people bathe in to cleanse and purify negativity and sin. How can water be so physically polluted and yet considered so healing?


Dr Emoto demonstrated a similar thing in his work, where he photographed the molecular structure of the polluted water of Fujiwara dam in Japan before and after giving prayer. Before prayer, the water appears broken, yet after prayer it appears to hold a beautiful snowflake structure. 


Dr Emoto's Findings


Recognising the depth that water holds opens our eyes up to the power we all have as individuals to reshape the vibration of our planet. 

If this form of sacred activism connects to you, here are some ceremonial practices to try for yourself:

  • Take yourself down to your favourite local water spot, this may be the ocean, a bay, lake or river. Spend some time with the water in stillness, just notice what comes to you, does it have any messages for you. So often we look at nature in terms of what we can gain from it but we rarely ever listen to what nature needs from us. 

  • Collect an object such as a rock, leaf, or shell and imbue it with your love and then throw it into the water as an offering.

  • Send an offering of kindness and love from your heart to your bathing water.

  • Writing a water blessing on you water filter or water bottle.

  • Gather a few people by a water source in meditation, send out a collective blessing to the water. Together the potency of this blessing will be strengthened.

  • Speak kindly to your plants, especially as you water them

  • Offering your own body words of kindness every time you look in the mirror


Connecting to water this way is a wonderful remembering. A remembrance of our interconnectedness with all life on this planet. And when we can see our interconnectedness, love is all we have.


'Enlightenment is when a wave realises it is the ocean' Thich Naht Hahn